Speaking about Classic Racing School


Speaking about Classic Racing School

Print media

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Echappement Classic

August 2017 issue, William Pac & Gérard Auriol's article

Auto Heroes

October 2017 issue


October 2017 issue, Jean-Paul Decker's article

Sport Auvergne

September 2017 issue, Stéphanie Merzet et Thomas Cortesi's article

La Montagne

January 8, 2017 issue, Guy Lemaître's article

Octopus Magazine

February 2017 issue

La Montagne

March 28, 2017 issue, Etienne Trauveron's article

Echappement Classic

April 2017, William Pac's article


Second half of 2017 issue

Historic Racing News

April 2017 issue

Rétro Passion Automobile

September 2017 issue, Julien Motron's article

Mag 2 Lyon

September 2017 issue, Marie Veronesi and Charlotte Charlier's article

Tout Clermont

July / August 2017 issue

Vintage Racers

September 2017 issue

The West Australian

August 20, 2017 issue, Alex Forrest's article


September 2017 issue, Christophe Bonnaud and Adrien Malbosc's article


November/December 2017 issue, Yan-Alexandre Damasiewicz's

La Vie de l'Auto

March 23, 2017 issue

online press

Le Figaro Lifestyle

Published on August 16, 2017, by Luc Lenoir.

News d'Anciennes

Published on July 17, 2017, by Benjamin Pette

La Montagne

Published on July 22, 2017, by L. Aurégan & F. Marquet


February 16, 2017 issue

Lyon au Masculin

January 16, 2018 issue, Phillipe Besseau's article

Business Explorer

July 17, 2017 issue

Le Journal de l'Eco

November 4, 2017 issue

Le Progrès

May 30, 2017 issue, Laurence Fischer's article

News d'Anciennes

March 4, 2018 issue, Benjamin Pette's


February 21, 2017 issue, Laurent Mercier's article

La Montagne

January 8, 2017 issue, Guy Lemaître's article

Blog Automobile

March 28, 2017 issue, Pierre Clemence's article


April 10, 2017 issue, Maud Petitgars' article

L'Automobile Magazine

July 5, 2017 issue, Benjamin Defay's article

La Montagne Entreprendre

January 23, 2018 issue, Patrice Campo's article

Motor 1

July 27, 2017 issue, Yann Lethuillier's article

News d'Anciennes

April 3, 2017 issue, Benjamin Pette's article



Report of October 27, 2017 broadcast on TF1