Offer a Half Driving Day - Crosslé 90F

Offer a Half Driving Day - Crosslé 90F

Gift Voucher - Half Driving Day on 90F

Half day’s schedule

  • 11:30 am: Reception on the circuit and change in the locker room
  • 12:15 pm: Meals with caterer in our premises at the edge of the track
  • 1:30 pm: Advanced Briefing
  • 14-17h: Driving sessions (50 km)
  • 17-18h: Aperitif and champagne

  • A Crosslé 90F single-seater, pre-adjusted according to your morphology
  • Total privatization of the 4km track and Charade circuit infrastructure
  • 50 km of driving (12 laps)
  • Personalized coaching by engineers and professional pilots (V. Beltoise, P. Sancinéna)
  • Access to the lounge and open bar (soft drinks) throughout the day
  • High-end catering at noon
  • Provision of complete custom equipment (suit, leather ankle boots, helmet, gloves and underwear fireproof)
  • Cocktail aperitif and champagne
  • Pack photos and videos sent by USB key

Rate : 950€ / driver (Including Taxes)

Special conditions

  • Hold a driving license
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Present a deposit in the form of a check of 8000 € at the beginning of the session

Come for pure pleasure!

We also open our doors to all accompanying persons.

Without driving, they can share with all of us a day of relaxation in our lounge and on the circuit.

We offer an accompanying package including access to all off-piste services, meals included, as well as sedan rides (as shuttles) to get to different parts of the circuit and admire the single-seaters ride.

Baptisms can also be offered to them, on request, between each driving session of the single-seaters in order to live a dynamic tour as a passenger on this mythical route.

Rate : 70€ / attendant (Including taxes)

The sensations provided by the Crosslé 9S are equally impressive as a passenger alongside a pilot.

Fly for 2 laps on the Charade route that will leave you with historical and unique memories.

From 14 years old.

Rate: 150€ / experience (Including Taxes)

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How to book a date later:

Once your order has been settled, we will send you a gift voucher by mail that you can offer to the beneficiary of the half driving day. After having received it, this beneficiary will be able to contact us and choose the date of his half driving day among those available.

We also propose to give him, at the end of the day, a letter that you can have previously written to him and that you have entrusted to us. This without obligation of course and without us knowing its content. Please inform us of any special requests in the field provided for this purpose on the payment page.

The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of payment.