60s' atmosphere

Authentic Atmosphere in a lounge on the pitlane

60s' atmosphere

Authentic Atmosphere in a lounge on the pitlane

Ressuscit an era of time

… is not an easy task. But to create a truly immersive historical pilot day is essential.

The Classic Racing School has recreated the sixties for you.

The Amateurs

The 60s mark the last breaths of amateurism in motorsport. AT the time, we could still become racing drivers almost by chance, but the « Big Business » will soon take over the world of racing cars. We lived the golden age of the sixties.

The Gentleman Driver

Stirling Moss sipping a coffee a few moments before departure. True art of living, driving was not reduced to performance. The pleasure was mainly considered and the personalities strong. An authentic era full of nostalgia.

A Popular Craze

The 1972 French GP sees more than 100,000 enthusiasts on the edges of the track in Charade and cheering the champions beret in hand. Real stars, the divers fought epic battles in front of the spectators.

"We need great passion, because everything we do with great pleasure, we do it well"
Juan Manuel Fangio
5 times world champion

Recreating the sixties for the enthusiasts

Enjoy a vintage lounge

Inspiration from the sixties

The Classic Racing School has converted and developed paddocks into a typical 60s lounge with bar, retro changing rooms and chesterfield sofas. This friendly space puts at ease and encourages exchanges between enthusiasts. Off-track fun for drivers and their friends.

Put on retro racing suits

The Gentleman Driver look

Each driver is entrusted with a complete retro racing suit. In a vintage and high-end spirit, the shoes are leather, light hold, gloves suede. So dressed, let yourself slip into the shoes of a true Gentleman Driver and take yourself to the track.

Immerse yourself in a mythical decade,

the sixties.

Be part of the venture and have fun

A Journey Back Through Time

Has to be enjoyed. Forget the present world and have fun driving as well as relaxing in the paddocks. The Classic Racing School reinvents for you the approach of historic driving. So let yourself go into the atmosphere of the sixties, be part of the venture and live your day thoroughly.

Friendly Meals

Breakfast, lunch and aperitif are moments that will allow everyone to breathe a little and aerate the spirit. Here, we talk about feelings and experiences. These gastronomic breaks take place in the lounge where a caterer takes care of everything.

Meet and Exchange

Each day gathers a maximum of 12 drivers. The lounge will encourage your small committee to discuss a common passion. At the end of the day, the atmosphere is warm and people sometimes exchange their contact details after great meetings.

Let yourself be guided through the Classic Racing School’s concept :