historic cars

Iconic Racing Lines

historic cars

Iconic Racing Lines

Unique pieces in the world

As true works of art on wheels, our historical models straight out of the sixties might well surprise you

Crosslé 90F

Exclusively developed for the Classic Racing School, the Crosslé 90F is a « cigar-shaped » single-seater Formula Ford, faithful to the 60’s cars designed to resuscitate the sensations of the golden age.

During driving days / half-days, 6 single-seaters share the track for a total of 12 historic driving enthusiasts.

Crosslé 9S

Inaugurated in 1965 in the Crosslé factory near Belfast, the 9S model has continued to be produced in small series until today keeping the original aesthetics and hand-made construction.

The Crosslé 9S shares the track with the Crosslé 90F, to the delight of two drivers, or even passengers.


The cigar-shaped Formulas are emblematic of motorsport from the 60’s. Produced by Lotus, Brabham or Crosslé, they marked the automotive history of their pure and fine aesthetic. They were then found on all International sort of competitions.


Designed by an authentic manufacturer of the sixties

Established in 1957, the Irish-based Crosslé Car Company is the oldest competing racing car manufacturer still operating in the same factory. At the request of the Classic Racing School, it reissued exclusively his 1969 model, the Crosslé 16F, then renamed Crosslé 90F, along with his sport-prototype of 1965, the Crosslé 9S.


Crosslé 90F

Built entirely by hand in the same original factory, the Crosslé 90F retain the iconic line of the Crosslé 16F for an authentic experience.

Breathtaking, each of our 7 cars stamped « Limited Edition 60 Years of Crosslé – Classic Racing School » has been painted in an iconic livery : Lotus green, navy BRM, light blue Matra, Honda beige, Ferrari red, blue Gulf …

Powered by a 2.0 L Ford Zetec engine developing 110 hp for a weight of 420 Kg, the Crosslé 90F delights enthusiasts.

 Its lightness and the rigidity of its chassis give it a dynamic behavior of an unusual agility. The 4-speed manual gearbox is identical to the ones used in the 60’s and the interior has been slightly enlarged for more comfort.

Crosslé 9S

Built in 73 units in the world, whose last chassis has just joined our fleet, the Crosslé 9S is to prototype sport what the Crosslé 90F is to single-seater : an edition faithful to the model of 1965, built in the original factory with the Crosslé know-how.

 Specific detail : driving is on the right, but the gear lever also.

Equipped with the Zetec 2.0 and a 5-speed Hewland gearbox, the 9S is here in its ultimate configuration with a two Weber carburettors engine, developing 240 bhp for a weight of 550 kg.

 The performances are exceptional, and the dynamics of a historic racing car. On the cockpit side, there is more space than in the single-seaters, to prevent from some doubts …!


Unparalleled sensations

At a few centimetres from the ground, the accelerations are frank and the curves exhilarating. First sensations about driving the Crosslé is not easy, but our instructors are here to make you comfortable. Pleasure and adrenaline guaranteed.


Let yourself be guided through the Classic Racing School’s concept :