Our philosophy

High-end standards and quality of service

our philosophy

High-end standards and quality of service

From driving pleasure to luxury

Too often used to the driving events that we would describe simply as « correct », the Classic Racing School wants make car enthusiasts live a high-end venture that makes them reconsider what a historic driving experience may have to offer.

Exceptional racing cars, magnificent circuit, a 60’s atmosphere, tailor-made services. What’s more ?

Ideas for a stay in the region ?

Coached by professional racing drivers

Vincent Beltoise - 27 Years old - France

Vincent Beltoise, nephew of Jean-Pierre, French Formula 1 driver renowned in the 1960s and 1970s, is the godfather of the Classic Racing School. Both Mechanical Engineer and Racing Driver with strong experience in Porsche Carrera Cup, Caterham Challenge, Trophy Andros, Pikes Peak … he will deliver you the sercrets of driving the Crosslé 90F or 9S on Charade.

Pierre Sancinena - 26 Years old - France

Also an engineer and aerodynamic developer for Renault Sport, Pierre is a professional driver competing in the most prestigious French and European GT championships. His sense of detail and his pedagogy will help you progress during the driving sessions. As a classic cars lover, he joined the team as a shareholder.

Let yourself be guided by the advice of racing drivers.

To live a high-end experience


It’s impossible not to get excited from the first laps behing the wheel of our Crosslé 90F or 9S. The pleasure at home is authentic and the atmosphere friendly. On track as in the lounge, smile is guaranteed.

 A trip in this unique era that will leave intense memories.


Be guided by professional drivers on successive sessions of several laps linked with debriefings and advice from our instructors on your trajectories and your driving style on track.

Kilometer after kilometer, gain confidence and precision like a true gentleman driver.


From the beginning to the end of the day, in groups or individually, safety instructions will be communicated in order to make you drive at your level without bridling yourself and staying safe.

We adapt to each profile so that everyone can progress at his own rythm.